Jimmy’s Youth Wellbeing Sanctuary Newsletter – Grade 6 Transition to Year 7 Retreat

Last week we hosted two Transition to Year 7 Retreats for grade 6 students.
Thirty young people participated in a number of workshops structured to assist them to feel supported and confident as they journey into Secondary
The Big Sister Experience delivered two workshops:
Building Positive Friendships & Safe Social Media use.
The young people were invested and engaged throughout each workshop, responding really well to the knowledge our wonderful presenters shared.

Jeanette facilitated a Mental Health and Wellbeing Workshop, focusing on how to identify factors that can affect a young person’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors as they embark on change.
They were then introduced to the appropriate actions to take if either they, or a friend experiences changes or challenges with their mental health.

The mental health workshop was followed by some great discussion and learning on the importance of a balanced diet and healthy eating to maintain a healthy attitude, body & mind
Facilitated by Cherelle – our resident Naturopath and Youth Engagement Specialist.
In small groups our young people created simple and nutritional meal plans for a school day.
This encouraged our morning breakfast crew to whip up a delicious brekky and smoothies!!

Some other activities experienced by our retreat participant were
Reiki, Acupuncture, Sound healing, Baking, Vision Board creating, nature walks & facials in the courtyard.

All in all, a fabulous week for both the participants and the Jimmy’s Team!