Jeanette Manager | Jimmy’s Youth Wellbeing Sanctuary

Manager | Jimmy’s Youth Wellbeing Sanctuary

After a long hiatus we are reactivating our newsletter!!
With a huge increase in our social media followers it’s time to connect directly again! Our updates on what is coming up will give you opportunities to book ahead & enjoy all the benefits of what Jimmy’s has to offer.

As always, our big focus is on Mental Health & Wellbeing.Our commitment to helping build a stronger, healthier community is critically important as we all explore the new versions of ourselves since lockdowns.

Attendance numbers across all offerings at Jimmy’s continue to grow weekly as the aftermath of the past two years continues to impact individuals, families and community.We are regularly seeing presentations of social anxiety, school resistance and feelings of uncertainty in our young people, and adults are working to reestablish connections and wellbeing practices.

As we all know, knowledge is our most powerful tool if we are seeking improved health outcomes, and Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) sits as the foundation of our wellbeing building blocks.

Mental Health First Aid training across communities has the ability to reduce mental health crisis, reduce stigma and help identify early, mental health challenges in ourselves and those around us. MHFA is the safety net that can help prevent us from falling too far down the rabbit hole and provide us with a tool box of safety measures to protect and strengthen our mental and emotional wellbeing.

We have a number of MHFA courses scheduled over the coming months and I encourage everyone to take the opportunity to enroll and become accredited.

All courses held at Jimmy’s Youth Wellbeing Sanctuary include a delicious healthy lunch each day and an introductory acupuncture treatment. Course fees are directed back into our operational budget and provide financial support for young people accessing our services.

If you are unsure which course is the best fit for you, please contact me directly on 0448 916724 or

Our team of professional, caring practitioners, youth engagement specialists and instructors are all here to support your wellness journey and I look forward to seeing you at Jimmy’s sometime soon!

Warm & Happy thoughts
Jeanette x