Jimmy’s Foundation

Jimmy’s Foundation is a registered charitable organisation who’s mission is to support the young people who need us most, through its Youth Wellbeing Sanctuary, Jimmy’s. 

Brainchild of philanthropist, Sarah Darling and the Jimmy’s Foundation board, the Sanctuary is run by YMCA Victoria, an organisation which has been successfully supporting and caring for young people and their families for generations. The collaborative partnership is one based on a shared vision, values, trust and commitment to helping the youth population in the area.

Jimmy’s Foundation Limited is a Public Company limited by Guarantee and registered as a Public Benevolent Institution from 28 November 2017 (ABN 28 617 696 652). It is endorsed as a deductible gift recipient, pursuant to Item 1 of the table in Section 30-15 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.


The story behind Jimmy’s

Jimmy’s Foundation was set up to honour the life of James Henry Crawford. A budding young architect, James died in April 2014 in tragic circumstances at the tender age of 33. Known as ‘Jimmy’ by many of his close friends and family, it became the intention of his mother and his sister to find something of which James would approve, to carry his name.

His mother, Sarah Darling, had been Executive Director of another charitable foundation called Foundation Five Nine (F59). F59 concentrated its efforts on bettering the lives of young people suffering disadvantage on the Mornington Peninsula

One of the groups F59 supported, was a program for teenagers run by YMCA Victoria. The program was impressive on many levels, however did not have a dedicated space within which to operate. There was a strong desire for this youth community to be able to meet more often, as the young people cherished these opportunities to be amongst friends, and to feel supported through their life circumstances and challenges.

This led Sarah and her daughter to muse upon what could be achieved if a permanent space was available to them. A purpose-built venue seemed the obvious choice, and so Jimmy’s Foundation was set up to make this happen.


Sarah Darling

Executive Director, Jimmy’s Foundation

Missy Kutcher

Board Member,
Jimmy’s Foundation

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