jimmy's youth wellbeing sanctuary

Jimmy’s Youth Wellbeing Sanctuary is just that.. a haven for young people on the Mornington Peninsula. The two-storey, dual frontage facility, provides young people with a collaborative, recreational and reflective space; a calm environment to socialise and learn. A space which is equally as beautiful, as it is functional…

The Sanctuary cleverly combines a number of different and evolving zones including a
multi-functional main group area, an internal courtyard (for passive engagement, time
out and conversation), a meditation and yoga room, a social enterprise cafe, a gallery
space and accommodation for specific youth retreats.

The building accommodates all physical abilities and has been designed to achieve
maximum energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.


Building stronger community connections, self-esteem, skills and strategies are proven to help reduce the risk of young people experiencing mental illness during teenage years and into their adult life.