Jimmy’s Youth Wellbeing Sanctuary – 4 October 2022

Hello Spring!

We’re happy to see you.


Resident Naturopath & Youth Engagement Specialist |

Jimmy’s Youth Wellbeing Sanctuary

Spring is the best time to detox!

Detoxification is a natural metabolic process your body undertakes every day to help eliminate the environmental, dietary and internally created toxins we are all exposed to.

This process changes toxins into less harmful substances, which are subsequently excreted from the body. If you feel tired, inflamed, suffer allergies, reproductive issues, or experience difficulty losing weight – these are all signs that your body may be struggling under an increased toxic load, or reduced cellular capacity to resist the damaging effect of toxins.

Consequently, supporting healthy detoxification is a cornerstone of contemporary and traditional medicine practice and may be the turning point to getting your health back on track.

Cherelle can tailor a detoxication program to suit your needs.

Consults available Monday-Wednesday

September School Holidays

As another school holidays program comes to an end, we reflect with gratitude on the time spent adventuring to new places, meeting new faces and making great use of our space here at Jimmy’s Youth Wellbeing Sanctuary.

Movies by the fire in our courtyard

Foot baths & Outdoor fun

Wetlands tour-

Learning about the land, ecosystem and tasting bush foods

Tie-Dyeing Workshop

Roller Skating


Days of flowers blooming, birds singing and the occasional walk in the rain.

A lovely reminder of how beautiful change can be.

Stay Well,

Team Jimmys