At Jimmy’s, young people can engage in holistic, complementary and current wellbeing practices, as well as skill based learning to strengthen their mental, physical and emotional health, resilience and skill sets.

Jimmy’s supports young people between the ages of 10 – 17 years old through life’s many and varied circumstances and challenges. With an open door policy, young people can either drop in, or be referred by youth and family support agencies, local schools, families and friends.

Jimmy’s provides the following opportunities

Daily after-school activities

Access to holistic practitioners and therapists

Residential wellbeing retreats for young people

Yoga, sound healing and meditation

Youth and Mental Health First Aid Courses

Connections to youth employment services and education pathways.


Through all of our activities and initiatives, we focus on building relevant life skills, resilience and sense of community. A big part of this is the preparing and sharing of healthy meals together in a nurturing environment.

“Young people attending our programs are often living in difficult family circumstances. Personal and observed trauma, family violence, generational unemployment, social isolation and family history of mental illness can place young people at higher risk of developing mental health problems themselves. By providing a safe nurturing environment, activities and initiatives to help build coping strategies and resilience, we aim to help young people reveal the very best of themselves and open pathways to opportunities that highlight their unique qualities and abilities,”

says Jeanette Horsley, Manager, Jimmy’s Youth Wellbeing Sanctuary


Building stronger community connections, self-esteem, skills and strategies are proven to help reduce the risk of young people experiencing mental illness during teenage years and into their adult life.