We need your help to support our innovative approach to fostering mental wellbeing in young people…

 Jimmy’s Youth Wellbeing Sanctuary offers a unique therapeutic mental health model for young people struggling with the challenges of early signs and symptoms of mental illness, behavioural and neurological disorders. At Jimmy’s, our young people have an opportunity to engage in a number of therapeutic and a lifestyle practices and experiences to help them manage their wellbeing and most importantly, divert crisis.

Since opening in 2021 we have seen significant positive outcomes for many of the young people engaging in our therapeutic focused practices. Our teenagers commit to individual treatment plans for a minimum of one school term. Throughout the term they engage in weekly therapeutic treatments (acupuncture/reiki), healthy eating education and cooking, and consults with our resident naturopath, which often result in practitioner supplementation and implementation of regular exercise routines. Sleep disorders are also a critical focus as they are very much a common challenge for our young people, impacting their mental and emotional health, cognitive functioning, emotional self-regulation, changing hormones and mood disorders.

Unfortunately, as a not-for-profit organisation, there is no current funding for the Practitioner Program and we seek your help.

To sponsor one young person for a whole school term we seek $1,000

 ** A range of measurement tools have been imbedded into our programs which enable us to report back to anyone donating, on the progress of the young person they have sponsored.


For more information please contact :
Jeanette Horsley – Manager, Jimmy’s Youth Wellbeing Sanctuary
0448 916 724  or Jeanette.horsley@ymca.org.au