a new
haven for
young people

on the mornington peninsula

Jimmy’s Youth Wellbeing Sanctuary…

Jimmy’s is a purpose-built Youth Wellbeing Sanctuary for marginalised, disengaged and disadvantaged youth on the Mornington Peninsula; a safe place for young people to connect with trained, qualified staff and volunteers/mentors, where they can engage in holistic, complementary and current wellbeing practices, as well as skill based learning to strengthen their mental, physical & emotional health, resilience and skill sets. 

About Us

Jimmy’s Foundation is a registered charitable organisation whose mission is it to support disadvantaged youth on the Mornington Peninsula through its new purpose-built Youth Wellbeing Sanctuary, Jimmy’s. Brainchild of philanthropist Sarah Darling and the Jimmy’s Foundation board, Jimmy’s is run by YMCA Youth Services, an organisation which has been successfully supporting and caring for young people on the Mornington Peninsula for over ten years. The collaborative partnership is one based on a shared vision, values, trust and commitment to helping the youth population in the area.


Building stronger community connections, self-esteem, skills and strategies are proven to help reduce the risk of young people experiencing mental illness during teenage years and into their adult life.

building stronger community connections


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