Who we are

Jimmy’s Foundation is a registered charitable organisation whose mission is it to support disadvantaged youth on the Mornington Peninsula through its new purpose-built Youth Wellbeing Sanctuary, Jimmy’s. Brainchild of philanthropist Sarah Darling and the Jimmy’s Foundation board, Jimmy’s will be managed and fostered by *YMCA Peninsula Youth Services (YPYS), an organisation which has been successfully supporting and caring for young people on the Mornington Peninsula for over ten years. The collaborative partnership is one based on a shared vision, values, trust and commitment to helping the youth population in the area.

What we do

Our mission is to support marginalised, disengaged and disadvantaged youth on the Mornington Peninsula by providing a safe place for young people to connect with trained, qualified staff and volunteers/mentors, as well as other young people.
At Jimmy’s, young people can engage in holistic, complementary and current wellbeing practices, as well as skill based learning to strengthen their mental, physical and emotional health, resilience and skill sets.
Jimmy’s will be available to all young people challenged by their teenage years, life circumstances or a desire to find somewhere they can just be themselves. With an ‘open door’ policy, young people will be referred to Jimmy’s via the YPYS, local schools, youth and family support agencies, families and friends.

Jimmy’s will provide the following educational opportunities:

  • Residential Wellbeing Workshops for young people and potentially their parents
  • Youth and teen Mental Health First Aid Courses
  • Skills development, in the fullness of time, through a Social Enterprise Cafe, Jimmy’s Kitchen.

And personal development programs such as…

  • Alternative and holistic mental health and physical wellness practices and treatments
  • One-on-one coaching and mentoring
  • Youth camps
  • Teenage girls and boys retreats
  • Weekly youth programs

Building stronger community connections, self-esteem, skills and strategies, is well documented to help reduce the risk of young people experiencing mental illness during teenage years and into their adult life.

Greater academic outcomes and improved job prospects as a result of improved mental and physical health will assist young people to lead the way for generational change across the community and enjoy happy, successful lives.

The story behind Jimmy’s

Jimmy’s Foundation was set up to honour the life of James Henry Crawford. A budding young architect, James died in April 2014 in tragic circumstances at the tender age of 33. Known as Jimmy by many of his close friends, and as Uncle Jimmy by his nephew and niece, it became the intention of his mother and his sister to find something of which James would approve, to carry his name.

His mother, Sarah Darling, had been Executive Director of another charitable foundation on the Mornington Peninsula for a period of ten years, called Foundation Five Nine (F59). F59 concentrated their efforts on bettering the lives of the young children suffering disadvantage on the southern Peninsula.

One of the groups F59 supported, and for whom Sarah also volunteered, was a program for teenagers run by the YMCA Southern Peninsula Youth Services. The program was impressive on many levels, however the YPYS did not had a dedicated space within which to work, and this hampered their efforts to some degree. There was a strong desire for this youth community to be able to meet more often, as the young people cherished these opportunities to be amongst friends, to feel safe and supported, and to gain the much needed assistance to face their many challenges.

This led Sarah and her daughter to muse upon what could be achieved had a more permanent space been available to them. A purpose-built venue seemed the obvious choice, and so Jimmy’s Foundation was set up to make this happen.


The work that we do here at Jimmy’s Foundation would not be possible without the tireless and committed support and drive of Jeanette Horsley (Manager) and her team at the YMCA Southern Peninsula Youth Services (YPYS).

While our focus here at Jimmy’s Foundation is to fundraise to finance Jimmy’s Youth Wellbeing Centre, including all overheads and utilities, the YPYS can work their magic in the premises, rent-free.

YPYS web page


The YMCA Peninsula Youth Services (YPYS) offers a range of on-going programs designed to assist young people in the community achieve their full potential. They aim to engage young people for the long term, not just through the delivery of one-off programs. Intervention, prevention and connection are the key drivers that underpin all their programs.

While circumstances and background can prove challenging and difficult for young people at various stages of their lives, this is not what defines us. An ability to overcome challenges, learn coping and resilience strategies and develop a strong and healthy self esteem and physical self is critical to leading a happy and successful life. Weekly on-going youth programs, camps and retreats and special interest groups attract a diverse range of young people to our programs and are resulting in long term connectedness.


  • Weekly Youth Group Programs
  • Annual Youth Camp
  • Annual Teenage Girls Retreat
  • Teenage Health & Wellbeing Programs
  • Community Mentoring
  • Special Interest programs – ie. photography, writing & journalism
  • School holiday programs & activities
  • One on one personal development coaching
  • Southern Peninsula Youth Foundation Grant Program – development and facilitation of youth projects and events inspired and lead by young people

“Young people attending our programs are often living in difficult family circumstances. Personal and observed trauma, family violence, generational unemployment, social isolation and family history of mental illness can place young people at higher risk of developing mental health problems themselves. By providing a safe nurturing environment, activities and initiatives to help build coping strategies and resilience, we aim to help young people reveal the very best of themselves and open pathways to opportunities that highlight their unique qualities and abilities,”

says Jeanette Horsley, Manager YMCA Peninsula Youth Services.


To connect with the YMCA Southern Peninsula Youth Services, simply call Jeanette Horsley
on 0448 916 724 or email: Jeanette.horsley@ymca.org.au


Sarah Darling

Executive Director, Jimmy’s Foundation

Missy Kutcher

Anthony Jackson

CEO, KordaMentha Group

Michael Hanavan

CEO, Darling Family Office


Building stronger community connections, self-esteem, skills and strategies are proven to help reduce the risk of young people experiencing mental illness during teenage years and into their adult life.